• Yea Brand Dairy Club Style Cheddars

    Date: 05-Apr-2017 News Blog
    Check out the range of Club style cheddar's by Yea Brand Dairy.
  • Chavroux Bonus pack available NOW

    Date: 02-Mar-2017 News Blog
    For a limited time get 50 grams free.
  • Jamon - we have you covered!

    Date: 05-Dec-2013 Blog
    We have Jamon in two styles and four formats.
  • Best Cream - Yea Brand Dairy win "Champion Cream" for their Creme Fraiche.

    Date: 29-Nov-2013 News Blog
    The Australian Grand Dairy Awards are Australia's highest awards for Dairy products
  • Yea Brand Creme Fraiche and Double Cream finalists in the Australian Grand Dairy Award

    Date: 07-Nov-2013 News Blog
    Locally produced Yea Brand Creme Fraiche and Yea Brand Double Cream are a step closer to being named Australias best cream after being shortlisted as finalists in the prestigious 2014 Australian Grand Dairy Awards.
  • Butter Puff Pastry using Corman Butter

    Date: 09-Sep-2013 News Blog
    Puff pastry is back in stock and better than ever.
  • Gargiullo Sun Dried Tomatoes

    Date: 19-Feb-2013 News Blog
    Traditional Italian Sun Dried tomatoes
  • Bleu d Auvergne - by French standards, 1850 means it is a relative new comer!

    Date: 12-Oct-2012 News Blog
    According the the history books, Bleu d' Auvergne was discovered around the 1850's....
  • Coulommiers by Couer de Lion

    Date: 12-Oct-2012 News Blog
    If you're wondering why we have two Coulommiers, the answer is simple....
  • Chavroux Goats Cheese - now available with Rosemary and Thyme

    Date: 12-Oct-2012 News Blog
    Available ex stock and, for savvy retailers...
  • Bresse Bleu now available in the larger 2 kilo format for the deli counter or cheese board

    Date: 11-Oct-2012 News Blog
    Bresse Bleu - now available in the 2 kilo format for your Cheese Board or Deli Counter. Available ex stock and OTW. Bress Bleu has been a favourite in Europe for years and is now available in Australia by Airfreight via kirkfood.
  • NEW! Aperifrais by Tartare

    Date: 21-Sep-2012 News Blog
    This retail cheese concept was recently previewed at Fine Food 2012 in Melbourne. The product is extremely popular in Europe and Asia and is set to make its' mark in the Australian Dairy case.
  • St Aubin - deliciously creamy - by couer de lion

    Date: 21-Sep-2012 News Blog
    Delicate, creamy, soft and mild. New from Couer de Lion in France.
  • St Agur Blue cheese - the shape of things to come

    Date: 31-May-2012 News Blog
    This week's consignment from France was much awaited as the new packaging for the St Agur "cloche" has arrived.
  • Le Coutances - Triple Cream brilliance

    Date: 10-May-2012 News Blog
    Try it - you like it!
  • New Sliced Raclette from Riches Monts

    Date: 10-May-2012 News Blog
    Raclette - in Europe it's an all year favourite.
  • A Miniature Brie - perfect for catering or retail

    Date: 10-May-2012 News Blog
    The perfect portion controlled brie for foodservice or catering and a must for retailers wanting to stock a grab and go lunchbox cheese.
  • NEW! Blue Brie by Couer de Lion

    Date: 10-May-2012 News Blog
    A Triple Cream cheese as good, if not better than any European blue brie you may have eaten before.
  • Coulommiers by Le Rustique - enough said

    Date: 10-May-2012 News Blog
    Without a question, the Cheesemakers at Le Rustique in Normandy know their stuff.
  • Sliced Jamon Serrano by Montesano

    Date: 13-Feb-2012 News Blog
    The Spaniards have been curing ham (Jamon Serrano) for centuries and there is evidence of the practice being carried out dating back to the reign of the Roman Empire.
  • Yea brand Dairy - take advantage of the media coverage this range is getting.

    Date: 13-Feb-2012 News Blog
    If you're a good food retailer, you need to know about this to exploit sales opportunities.
  • Alpine Stars - A sneak peak at 4 new cheeses from OTR and a big range of BIG CHEESE

    Date: 01-Feb-2012 News Blog
    Alpine style is the next big thing. Big wheels of aged, nutty, yeasty and fruity cheeses are the go. The best part about these cheeses is that they're easy to handle. In most cases the cheese just gets better. In a retail cabinet they make a big presence. At foodservice level, these styles of cheese are always able to be on hand.
  • Saint Andre is the King of French Triple Creams - available now!

    Date: 31-Jan-2012 News Blog
    St Andre - it's the King of French Triple Cream cheeses. It's intense and buttery and has a butterfat content of around 75%.
  • Saint Agur Cloche has arrived. A great value, convenient way to buy St Agur

    Date: 18-Jan-2012 News Blog
    Saint Agur is in stock now. The new "Cloche" pacakge is great value and (for trade customers) better value than you might think.
  • Chaumes - a Trappist inspired cheese from the Southwest of France

    Date: 17-Jan-2012 News Blog
    A classic cow's milk cheese hailing from the South West of France. This cheese literally translates as "stubble" and was inspired by the traditional Trappist cheeses of yesteryear. The distinctive golden yellow rind hides the pale creamy paste which belies the full bodied rich flavour.
  • Jackson's Track Cheese - Red Hot special

    Date: 13-Oct-2011 News Blog
    Jackson's Track - Everyone's talking about it, and now you can be in on it as well!
  • Yea Brand Dairy release new, 45% Double Cream for Foodservice

    Date: 19-Aug-2011 News Blog
    The Yea brand Dairy have long been associated with the production of Australian benchmark products such as Mascarpone, Clotted Cream and the much acclaimed, Yea Brand Creme Fraiche. Drawing on this experience and pursuing their passion for excellence, the small, but highly efficient factory at Yea has now released for foodservice, a 45% Double Cream.
  • New Generation OTW - afresh aproach to ordering cheese that just makes sense

    Date: 17-Aug-2011 News Blog
    A fresh approach OTW - the next generation. Take another look at ordering your European Cheeses direct.
  • Old Telegraph Road release 4 new cheese that will rival any import

    Date: 07-Jul-2011 News Blog
    Franck Beaurain - Executive cheesmaker at Jindi in Victoria had a very succesful year picking up gold medals and "champon cheese" in every major cheese event. We believe that Franck and his team will again have a similar success with the launch of four new cheeses under the Old Telegraph Road brand. In particlular, Old Telegraph road have succeeded in producing an amazing Vacehrin style that rivals those produced in France. The new cheeses are: Jackson's Track - A vacehrin style similar to that of a clarrines - the cheese is to be eaten straight form the box and is soft and gooey. Robin Hood Gold - A small and mild flavoured Reblechon style washed rind. OTR camembert - Franck was born in the Normandie region and has produced a very authentic Normandie style camembert Piedemonte Blue - Styled on a Gorgonzola - soft, mild and sweet.
  • Smoked Eel fillets have arrived - airfreighted direct from Sardinia

    Date: 06-Jul-2011 News Blog
    Good things come to those who wait, and this just has! Airfreighted directly form Sardinia are these superb, smoked Eel fillets.
  • Tenerezze di Polpa (octopus sausage) from Sardinia

    Date: 05-Jul-2011 News Blog
    I recently visited Italy and attended one of the countries best Trade shows. Our freinds at Sarda Affumicati were very keen to show us their latest product - this amazing Octopus Sausage.
  • La Bella San Marzano Tomatoes

    Date: 18-Mar-2011 News Blog
    Adhering to the globally recognised BRC standard which some believe to be a higher standard than D.O.P., the Rapheal Viscardi company processes and packs tomatoes without the Certified D.O.P. price tag.
  • Fire Engine Red by Old Telegraph Road. Taking out the big gongs

    Date: 16-Mar-2011 News Blog
    It's not by chance that Franck Beaurain and his team of Cheesemakers at Jindi are taking the choccies at every cheese awards in the country. It's all due to sklii and craftmanship and a knowledge that only a cheesemaker of european extraction could bring to Jindi Cheese. Since starting as executive cheesemaker at Jindi Cheese is Gippsland, Franck and his people have set about developing a range of product that includes a brie that pipped the famed Brie de Meaux at their own game. The 2010/2011 cheese awards season have all featured Old Telegraph Road products as overall or podium finishers. Fire Egine Red is a "big" cheese. Big nose, big flavour, big on texture and anybody tasting this would agree that it rivals anything produced in Europe. These tasting notes are from the Old Telegraph Road website: In honour of the Fire Engines and the Firemen who fought tirelessly to defend the Jindi factory in February 2009. This cheese expresses many of the characteristics of those wonderful people. Its powerful, and courageous, aromatic and at times challenging, but let it work over the palate and the memory will linger on. The red rind occurs by regular scrubbing with Brevibacterium linens. The affect of the bacteria contributes to the strong and at time over powering aroma of this cheese. One might well ask 'how can a cheese that smells so bad taste so good? In true French tradition it is recommended for first timers to peel the rind back and scoop the cheese from the middle. Its flavour characteristics will include caramel and cauliflower and cabbage, it has a soft texture and is a truly flavour driven cheese.
  • Cashel Blue Cheese

    Date: 16-Mar-2011 News Blog
    Cashel Blue is one of Irelands great cheese success stories. Cashel Blue is the creation of Louis and Jane Grubb, in County Tipperary Ireland. A glut of milk in the 1970's led many dairy farmers in Ireland to re-think their future in the industry.
  • Cropwell Bishop Stilton - Three generations of family cheesemaking history.

    Date: 09-Mar-2011 News Blog
    Only six dairies, located in the three counties of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, using the original centuries-old recipe, are licensed to produce Blue Stilton - the King of English cheeses. Cropwell Bishop Stilton originates from Vale of Belvoir about 7 miles south east of Nottingham. The Skailes family have been at the heart of the company for 3 generations.
  • Goats Curd from France by Picandou

    Date: 08-Mar-2011 News Blog
    Picandou Goat Curd from Perigord is a Goats curd in spreadable form.
  • Truffle Oil, Truffle Mustard and Truffle Honey from Great Southern Truffles

    Date: 25-Feb-2011 News Blog
    The Australian Black Truffle industry is gaining momentum. We are pleased to be appointed as distributors for the new range of value added Black truffle products by Great Southern Truffles.
  • Pariya Pashmak (persain fairy floss)- elegant, sophisticated and sweet

    Date: 23-Jul-2010 News Blog
    The Iranian confectioners at Pariya Food are artisans. Among other products, they can certainly hang their hats on their Persian Fairy Floss (pashmak).
  • Vive la France! - French cheese by air.

    Date: 23-Jul-2010 News Blog
    Wow! Our bastille Day promotion proved to be quite popular with most of the featured products selling out.
  • Old Telegraph Road Brie - Jindi nails a french classic

    Date: 13-Jul-2010 News Blog
    Old Telegraph Road Brie is the brainchild of Franck Beaurain, Group Executive Cheesemaker at Jindi Cheese at Jindivick, Gippsland, Victoria.
  • Valdeon Chesse (Queso de Valdeon)

    Date: 13-Jul-2010 News Blog
    Valdeon Cheese (Queso de Valde?is a mixed milk (Goat and Cows Milk) cheese from from the Valdeon Valley in a region known as Castilla-Leon in the North West of Spain. The valley is in the Picos de Europa mountain range.
  • Garrotxa

    Date: 11-Jul-2010 News Blog
    Any "Mythbusters" fan would know that Garrotxa (pronounced Gar - rotta) is the preffered cheese for use in Cannons. It's a small, almost sphere shaped cheese that has a dense pate and sweet, nutty flavour with a grey mould rind.
  • La Perruche Sugar - Hello sweety!

    Date: 10-Jul-2010 News Blog
    Ten centuries ago, the French discovered the sweet taste of cane sugar during the Crusades . But the earliest reference dates back to when the Persian Emperor Darius set out to conquer the Indian subcontinent and discovered a plant which he allegedly said ""gives honey without bees"". This luxurious and rare gift of nature, which was initially called a "spice", is still considered as an exceptional product.
  • St Agur, centuries of tradition

    Date: 09-Jul-2010 News Blog
    Saint Agur, is a blue vein cheese produced in Monts du Velay, a small village in Auvergne, renowned for century's old tradition of blue cheese making.
  • Goats Milk Camembert - La Petite Chevre D'argental

    Date: 08-Jul-2010 News Blog
    This delightfully creamy goats cheese with a soft downy white rind is sure to please the most discerning French Chevre lover.
  • Fourme D'Ambert is one of Frances oldest known cheeses

    Date: 08-Jul-2010 News Blog
    Fourme d'Ambert is one of France's oldest cheeses, the name "Fourme" is the old French word for cheese from the Latin noun forma, describing its cylindrical shape. Ambert is the mountainous town in Auvergne where the cheese is made.
  • Petit Sapin Vacherin - Mont D'or style cheese from France

    Date: 08-Jul-2010 News Blog
    This exquisite cheese is made in the Franche-Comte region bordering Switzerland. Petite Sapin is a pasteurised cows milk cheese in the style of a Mont d'Or.
  • Order now for Bastille Day 14th July

    Date: 08-Jul-2010 News Blog
    New Cheese on range: Chabichou, Crottin, Soignon, Cremeaux
  • Chabichou - not too shabby either!

    Date: 07-Jul-2010 News Blog
    The last time I mentioned this cheese was when I blogged the 2007 "Tour de Fromage", stage 18. Since then we've actually been able to bring some in to Australia.
  • Mould ripened Chevre D'argental. A goats milk Camembert supreme

    Date: 07-Jul-2010 News Blog
    The milk from the goat combined with the affinage of white mould present an extremely lush cheese.
  • Crottin on!

    Date: 07-Jul-2010 News Blog
    Crottin de Chavignol is the most famous goat cheese of the many varieties produced in the Loire Valley. This cheese is the claim to fame for the village of Chavignol, France, which has only has a few hundred inhabitants.
  • Salarium Argentum - Organic Himalayan Crystal Salt

    Date: 06-Jul-2010 News Blog
    Salarium Argentum brings to you a delightful range of natural salts from the foothills of the Himalayas. These gourmet salts are highly prized by discerning chefs around the world and health advocates alike - and no wonder since Himalayan Crystal Salt is distinctive in five ways:
  • Lingot D'argental - airfreighted from France

    Date: 06-Jul-2010 News Blog
    Lingot D'Argental is a delicious Double Creme cheese with a fat content of 60%, so falling somewhere between a 75% fat triple cream such as Brillat Savarin, and the more typical 45% white mould brie or camembert
  • Saint Marcellin. The tradition is 500 years old, the cheese isn't.

    Date: 04-Jul-2010 News Blog
    Saint Marcellin is a cheese over 500 years old yet remains lesser known by comparison to many others in France.
  • Saucy!

    Date: 24-Mar-2010 News Blog
    You could say that we are "stocking up". Actually, we are! Thanks to Prestige Foods.
  • Italian Prosciutto - Sliced San Daniele Prosciutti at kirkfood

    Date: 23-Mar-2010 News Blog
    Get a slice of the action! We've just received a new consignment of San Daniele prosciutto from King's in pre-sliced packs. Each slice is separated with a plastic leaf which means no waste.
  • How to make Shortcrust Pastry!

    Date: 15-Feb-2010 News Blog
    It's the same process as High Quality Puff Pastry. Just give us a call or order online.
  • Puff Pastry - why would you do it yourself?

    Date: 13-Feb-2010 News Blog
    Puff pastry making is an essential skill for a pastry chef. A laborious process but when executed with patience and care, can achiive brilliant results. A while ago (november 2007) I posted about our new Puff Pastry in 5 kilo rolls.
  • Milawa Cheese Goat milk Camembert

    Date: 12-Feb-2010 News Blog
    The Milawa Cheese Company is a small but highly regarded speciality cheese factory located in North East Victoria's famed wine region.
  • Shortcrust Pastry. Shortcrust pastry is now available in sweet and savoury

    Date: 12-Feb-2010 News Blog
    Shortcrust pastry, made using the finest, Corman Butter from Belgium is now available in 5 kg rolls.
  • The Annual Cheese Calendar arrives with much fanfair.

    Date: 14-Dec-2009 News Blog
    The annual Cheese Girls Calendar from France, new for 2010 -(See the tasteful, image examples below.) From the publisher of the Calendar......."By placing the opposite of the stereotypes that too often trivialize the soil, the calendar From'Girls bears another look at our surroundings and gourmet food. Making cheese more poetic, more sensitive, more childlike, more female maybe! ...It's certainly out of the rut of safety and health for us to restore its rightful place in the exclusive club of products with high cultural value." "The raw milk cheese is a matter of culture ... Like wine, cheese is part of our heritage and is inseparable from our history. He has helped shape our landscapes, there is a link between a local and know-how, he was the architect of an ecological balance. Without cheese, France would not be what it is. Without the variety of cheeses that make up our board so envied in the world, breeds of cows, sheep or goats could not shape our landscapes so beautiful. Therefore, the Association advocates for not leaving our old heritage in the hands of industry groups who falsify cheese and plunder our know-how. Provocation if any, Calendar recalls the tone of adult humor that Beauty inspires respect. May all foodies and young generations to be aware. The future of our land is in our hands." "Casting for the 2010 Calendar (real people, real cheese) The calendar From'Girls is supported by family SMEs: La Fromagerie Haxaire for Munster PDO La Fromagerie Gillot Camembert for AOC La Fromagerie Graindorge for AOC Livarot and Pont L'Eveque AOC L'Etoile du Quercy Rocamadour for AOC La Fromagerie des Terres d'Auvergne for Saint-Nectaire PDO Cooperative Valuejols for Cantal AOC La Fromagerie Delin for Brillat-Savarin La Fromagerie Juragruy? County for PDO The Syndicat Interprofessionnel du Gruy? French AOC La Fromagerie Chabert for Volume Bauges PDO, La Fromagerie Lincet Chaource for the AOC" Photos in the spirit of a working woman..... The association has chosen a contemporary and realistic tone that tells the storys on a humorous and offbeat level. Piles of cheese or cheese only at the center of the stage, the pinups are one with the cheese. As mentioned, these Calendars are rare and released very late. Nevertheless. It's a unique and rare gift opportunity for any food enthusiast.
  • Plum Puddings have arrived for your Christmas Catering

    Date: 27-Nov-2009 News Blog
    The Plum Pudding or Christmas Pudding has origins dating back to the 17th century. This pudding is heavy with the luxurious ingredients of fruit and spice and is presented ready to warm and serve.
  • Corman Butter just keeps getting better

    Date: 23-Oct-2009 News Blog
    I love it when we open the doors to a fresh new container of Corman butter. The aroma that comes from the container on unloading is out of this world. In this last container we received 82% fresh Dairy Butter in a bulk 10kg sealed carton. This is a pasteurised dairy butter with 82% butterfat directly and exclusively made from selected creams. But what will make our clients happy is the price...the aussie dollar has been travelling very well over the last few months and because of this, we are able to offer this "Extra Quality" Corman Butter at $75.00/10kg carton (was $95.00). So try a box today, you will notice the difference whatever the application.
  • Jamon, Prosciutti di San Daniele and other things Porcine at Kirks this month

    Date: 15-Oct-2009 News Blog
    Jamon, Prosciutti Di San Daniele and other things Porcine at Kirks this month.
  • Spring. Fill up your gas bottles, buy a new bag of charcoal, and fire up the barbie.

    Date: 17-Sep-2009 News Blog
    It's a familiar smell which always gets me excited. It wafts through suburbia and brings back fond memories of friends and family. Hot nights, cool drinks and great company are the essential ingredient for summer food.
  • Yea Brand Creme Fraiche gets a run on Masterchef

    Date: 10-Sep-2009 News Blog
    it's really not surprising that George Calombaris would use the product on Masterchef
  • Footy Tipping round 21

    Date: 19-Aug-2009 News Blog
    Round 21.... You know what that mens? It's round 21!
  • August at kirkfood

    Date: 19-Aug-2009 News Blog
    It's been a while since our last update. Since we last emailed you, there has been quite a lot going on.
  • 24 months with Carlsbourg

    Date: 17-Aug-2009 News Blog
    It has been 2 years since we introduced Carlsbourg butter to Australia, and pleased to say, not only are our Chefs excited to have access to this butter, but also the consumer.
  • Autumn and Orzo

    Date: 20-May-2009 News Blog
    I love this time of the year! The leaves turn brown and slowly drift from the tree branches. The air is crisp. And walking around my neighbourhood in the evening I enjoy the smells of comfort food wafting from fogged up kitchen windows.
  • Pomella by Air

    Date: 11-May-2009 News Blog
    Any Fresher and you would be buying it in Italy. The plane has landed and we have our truck and driver at the airport picking it up.
  • Truffle Affaire - official opening of the West Australian Black Truffle season

    Date: 07-May-2009 News Blog
    Manjimup Truffle Affiare 2009 season opening gala celebration - 30th - 31st of May 2009 Six (6) course long table degustation truffle luncheon with award winning
  • Black Truffles - Would you like to hunt your own?

    Date: 01-May-2009 News Blog
    Perigord Truffles or Black Truffles - Highly prized and now being successfully cultivated in Tasmania, Victoria New South Wales, and the ACT are in season. At Manjimup in Western Australia, The Wine and Truffle Company - the biggest and highest yielding Trufferie in Australia, are inviting you to hunt for your own. For me, it would be the ultimate, weekend, food enthusiasts indulgence.
  • Understanding Truffles - A quick guide

    Date: 16-Apr-2009 News Blog
    I quite often get asked "what does a Truffle (truffles) taste like?" And "where do Truffles come from?"
  • Fresh Black Truffles - the 2009 season starts here.

    Date: 02-Apr-2009 News Blog
    The 2009, Western Australia, Black Truffle season promises to be the best season yet for the Wine and Truffle Company.
  • St Patricks Day - Celebrate with a blue

    Date: 12-Mar-2009 News Blog
    Celebrate St Patricks day with a blue I stand to be challenged on this. But according to WIKI,
  • Trusting the Tomato - Tracey reviews our San Marzano's

    Date: 12-Mar-2009 News Blog
    We asked Tracey to review her San Marzano experience.
  • Living on the 'Wedge'

    Date: 12-Mar-2009 News Blog
    What a ring a ding zing! Since we started bringing first quality (1st grade) Grana Padano cheese in 8 years ago, we've had very happy clients and friends to say the least.
  • Timboon Cheese Closes it's doors - Big company stresses another farming community

    Date: 25-Feb-2009 News Blog
    Victoria's farming communities have copped a pounding over the last few years. In particular this last month with extreme heat, worsening drought and the terrible bush fires. The survival of the small communties of country Victoria rely on the existence of industries close by, whatever size. I'm disturbed by the news of National foods closing down the small cheese factory at Timboon in western Victoria.
  • Makin' Bacon

    Date: 23-Feb-2009 News Blog
    was googling around for some ideas on writing a post about bacon - don't get me wrong, Otway free range bacon has plenty to be said about it - but I needed something to say that hasn't already been said.
  • Grape Grazing to go ahead

    Date: 23-Feb-2009 News Blog
    Great news from the Grape Grazing website is that the festival will go ahead but at a date to be announced.
  • Breaky, Lunch & Dinner for the Fireys

    Date: 11-Feb-2009 News Blog
    A collaboration of Melbournes caterers and produce suppliers have pulled together to help feed the CFA members and other volunteers over the next week.
  • You Click We Pick

    Date: 31-Jan-2009 News Blog
    For far to long, foodservice professionals have been left out when it comes to online ordering, the focus mainly targeted to retail sales. Well, look no further. We are thinking of you! Our clients and our potential clients.
  • Carlsbourg Cultured Butter

    Date: 29-Jan-2009 News Blog
    Kirks are proud to present this butter of tradition, the true pillar of the Carlsbourg family
  • Butter Puff Pastry using Corman Butter

    Date: 29-Jan-2009 News Blog
    Puff pastry is back in stock and better than ever.
  • 'So Easy' Ganache by Corman

    Date: 29-Jan-2009 News Blog
    A winner from Corman - "So Easy" ganache has just arrived. Corman "So Easy" Ganache is ready to use.
  • BB products - European style smallgoods sliced to perfection

    Date: 29-Jan-2009 News Blog
    We have been selling the BB Products Bresaola in its whole form for years, it's a great product and features on many menus in Restaurants and Boardrooms around town. BB Products specialise in European style cured meat products. The range is vast and includes pork, lamb and beef, cured to perfection in the traditional European way.
  • New 500ml Truffle Oil from Great Southern Truffles

    Date: 10-Jan-2009 News Blog
    A touch of truffle oil can turn the ordinary to something exceptional!! It is generally best to finish the dish or garnish the dish with the oil at the last minute to capture its delightful flavour and fragrance.
  • King Island pull the plug on Pure Cream and Creme Fraiche

    Date: 05-Sep-2008 News Blog
    Over twenty years ago King Island Cream and Creme Fraiche were appearing on Menus at all the best restaurants in Australia. Very soon, after gaining the acceptance of the best chefs in the country, you could also buy it at selected delis.
  • Spanish Sherry Vinegar samples. Bota Vieja by VINAGRES DE YEMA

    Date: 04-Jul-2008 News Blog
    A little while ago, Will posted some facts about the different styles of Spanish, Sherry vinegars. Since then, we have received some samples of the Bota Vieja Sherry Vinegar.
  • Fresh Truffles for winter and a whole lot more

    Date: 01-Apr-2008 News Blog
    The Wine and Truffle Company Kirks are pleased to announce, we have just agreed on a distribution arrangement with the biggest Truffle producer in Australia, The Wine and Truffle Co.
  • Lazy Chef of the year award

    Date: 13-Mar-2008 News Blog
    I find myself shaking my head in disbelief almost on a daily basis at how lazy some food professionals can be.
  • Paper Bandits

    Date: 05-Feb-2008 News Blog
    Being in the wholesale game, you get to see plenty of paper. The simple nature of wholesaling is that you have many clients and suppliers ie paper in, paper out.
  • Butter woes, when will it end?

    Date: 07-Nov-2007 News Blog
    Most in the industry would be aware of the recent shortages of butter and many other dairy products.
  • Butter Puff pastry is back in stock

    Date: 11-Oct-2007 News Blog
    The kirkfood/ Yea brand Fiat Punto wrap from round 6 at Calder.
  • Tackling the BIG BLUE

    Date: 05-Oct-2007 News Blog
    robably my favourite cheese is the Mountain Gorgonzola.
  • First for Carlsbourg Butter...It's on its way!

    Date: 12-Sep-2007 News Blog
    The next container of Corman Butter will have in it a small quantity of Carlsbourg Butter in 250gm p
  • Gleneva Trufferie, winter black truffles (Tuber Melanosporum)

    Date: 05-Jul-2007 News Blog
    Gleneva Trufferies, located at Orange in the Central West of New South Wales is now producing.
  • Gleneva Black WinterTruffles, Orange, NSW.

    Date: 28-May-2007 News Blog
    It's getting to that time of year again. Chefs begin to go into a frenzy similar to the phenomenom you sometimes see down at the beach when you throw a chip among a bunch of Seagulls.
  • The top 50 Worlds best Restaurants?

    Date: 24-Apr-2007 News Blog
    Restaurant Magazines S.Pellegrino Worlds Top 50 Restaurant list has just been released. You can check it out here Interestingly, there are only two Australian restaurants on the list and while they are certainly arguably among the best Australia has to offer, there are some notable absentees.
  • Yea Brand export,

    Date: 04-Apr-2007 News Blog
    After a year of wading through the red tape and going through the audit process, Yea Brand finally received export approval from AQIS last week.
  • Spanish Ham or Jamon, Iberico Bellota, Paleta Iberrico , Serrano, Pata Negra. What is what?

    Date: 29-Mar-2007 News Blog
    It's a bit confusing, let me try and explain the difference between the various Spanish hams we now have available. We'll start at the top. Iberico Bellota, made exclusively from the acorn munching free range "Pata Negra" (Black foot)Iberico pig.
  • All in a days work - Chasing Ricotta di Bufala

    Date: 19-Mar-2007 News Blog
    Have you ever wondered what it takes to get those interesting menu ingredients on the table at your favourite eatery? Matty and I thought it might be interesting to give you an insight into the world of the importer and what goes in to just the Australian end of the Air Freighted cheese business.
  • Finally, an alternative to Maldon Salt!

    Date: 14-Mar-2007 News Blog
    For years, Maldon salt have enjoyed a practical monopoly in the crystal salt flake market. The fact that Australia is at the other end of the earth made this a pretty expensive but almost compulsory item in not just the restaurant larder, but every home cooks pantry as well.
  • Spice Girls

    Date: 08-Mar-2007 News Blog
    I'm intrigued by spices and spice mixes at the moment. Since I first entered self styled spice guru, Peter Watson's shop in Fitzroy and sucked in the smell, I've been fascinated. So when Rosemary Mellor and Nadette Cumming from the "Red Hill Spice Girls" came to see us I was more excited than "Big Kev" (you remember him! The big fella who sold detergent on the TV).