Chaumes - a Trappist inspired cheese from the Southwest of France

Date: 17-Jan-2012 News Blog

Chaumes - Manufactured by Bongrain

Milk: cow's

Region/country: South West France

Style: Washed rind semi hard

Shape/ Size: flat wheel (tome shape/approx. 2kg)

Approx. shelf life: minimum 40 days


A classic cow's milk cheese hailing from the South West of France. This cheese literally translates as "stubble" and was inspired by the traditional Trappist cheeses of yesteryear. The distinctive golden yellow rind hides the pale creamy paste which belies the full bodied rich flavour.


This cheese will become a deeper orange over time with the rind becoming sticker and more pungent. The rind is created by a regime of washing and brushing the cheese over a 2-3 week period by the cheese makers in carefully controlled temperature and humidity rooms.



Soft and springy with a smooth creaminess similar to Port Salute.

The interior becomes creamier and softer with less pronounced 'eyes' (holes) as it ages.

Rind is slightly gritty, which becomes less so with age as it breaks down.



When young fruitiness is balanced by a hint of herbal bitterness such as endive/ chicory. The rind has hint of smokiness

As it ages the flvours become more pronounced. There is a hint of pine resin, nuts, medicinal herbs and a sweetness which shines through from the now soft spongy paste.



Table cheese with nuts and fresh fruit, such as pears and apples.

Grilling on crusty bread, instead of cheddar/ Swiss cheese on burgers.

Cubed or grated (including the rind) for stuffing mushrooms, topping and layered in gratins.


Technical info

Nutritional analysis for 100 g of finished product

Fat : 25.4 g Saturated fatty acid : 17.3 g

Monounsaturated lipids : 7.4 g Polyunsaturated lipids : 0.

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