You Click We Pick

Date: 31-Jan-2009 News Blog

For far to long, foodservice professionals have been left out when it comes to online ordering, the focus mainly targeted to retail sales. Well, look no further. We are thinking of you! Our clients and our potential clients.


Before we started to have a serious crack at our website, we were told by everyone that food wholesale and online don't mix. This made us even more determined, so we allocated every last marketing dollar toward a new website that would work.


Three Years on and we have seen a remarkable pattern emerging from older methods of placing orders. The benefits of ordering online for foodservice professionals are numerous...


  •Real time stock levels means if we are out, you can choose something similar

  •Product image for ALL products ie you know the brand your after by sight

  •Clear confirmation of your order via email. If you get the email, your order is in our system

  •Get a quick idea of what your spend will be ie. Work to your budget

  •Read up on the product of interest before ordering.

  •Know what you ordered last time. Cut down on mistakes





So to the chefs out there a tad reluctant, give it a crack and end the war on error.

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