Makin' Bacon

Date: 23-Feb-2009 News Blog

I was googling around for some ideas on writing a post about bacon - don't get me wrong, Otway free range bacon has plenty to be said about it - but I needed something to say that hasn't already been said.

The fact that Otway Free Range bacon comes from Free Range pigs, to me, is enough said. According to the Otway Pork website:

RSPCA Accredited

The welfare of our pigs is paramount. Otway Pork(TM) is the only pork to be accredited by the R.S.P.C.A. in Victoria and was the first pork production system to be accredited in Australia. Otway Pork(TM) is produced to R.S.P.C.A Standards as the pigs are accorded the Five Freedoms:

o Freedom from Hunger and Thirst

o Freedom from Discomfort

o Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease

o Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour

o Freedom from Fear and Distress.


Bred free range

Otway Pork(TM) pigs are bred at our farm near the Otway Ranges in South Western Victoria. They are derived from a hybrid strain of pigs with the base genetics made up from the Duroc, Large White & Landrace breeds. These breeds have been chosen for their suitability to outdoor breeding and superior meat quality characteristics such as lean meat yield, tenderness and colour. Our pigs are born outdoors. From birth, Otway Pork(TM) pigs are free to play, forage and do what all pigs like to do best - socialise, sleep in straw, eat a healthy diet and drink fresh clean water freely. To protect them from the natural elements, they are reared in large straw based shelters where they are free to move about, play and exercise.

The bacon itself is superb. We also stock the Otway , Free Range pork, nugget hams.

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