When is a Brie a Brie and a Camembert a Camembert? - Le Grand Rustique Brie

Date: 17-Jan-2012 News Blog

When is brie a "brie", and camembert a "camembert"?

The word brie and camembert refer to a style or type of cheese. Camembert and brie are made using virtually the same recipe with the main difference being size and, when under AOC law, the region.

That's why this brie is made Normandy - the home of traditional camemberts.

Le Rustique collect all their milk from a maximum radius of 30km from the factory to ensure premium quality and consistent milk. The maturation process is critical with constant monitoring and turning by master cheese makers. Only at a critical stage of affinage (maturity) does the "Le Grand Rustique" get wrapped. Before wrapping, the distinctive portioning guides (small paper labels to assist cutting) are applied. The brie continues to ripen and mature in its custom wooden box and wax paper. Jean Verrier - master cheesemaker - developed this amazing flavoured pasteurized brie, from his skills of producing unpasteurized cheeses. His knowledge has translated to a cheese with raw milk characteristics in a pasteurised version.


The Le Rustique brand is distinctive in its use of the wooden box and red gingham fabric. This feature was incorporated by chance when Verrier got the idea from a market trader who was stuck with a surplus of gingham cloth. The red and white gingham now make the Le Rustique brand instantly recognizable.



Young- firm with little rind development when young.

Matured- The texture is unctuous gooey, rind rippled with some russet flecks appearing. As it matures further it will develop a more runny texture.

Aroma & Flavours: Young- On the palate is button mushroom with a milky creaminess and sometimes a hint of garlic.

Matured-Barnyard, earthy pastures flavours & aroma, rich mushroom/humus (an earthy/ rich organic aroma) with a pleasant saltiness & mouth feel on the palate.


Uses: Traditionally it is used as a table cheese and goes beautifully with crusty bread and good glass of wine. Match with apples, pears, muscatels, quince or fruit pastes and a big old fashioned chardonnay!


Technical info:

Nutritional analysis for 100 g of finished product

Fat: 23.0 g

Carbohydrates: 0.1 g

Proteins: 20.5 g

Sodium: 650 mg

Calories: 289.0/ Kj: 1201.0


Le Grand Rustique Brie

Stock Code: 1271

Milk: Cow

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