Old Telegraph Road Brie - Jindi nails a french classic

Date: 13-Jul-2010 News Blog

Old Telegraph Road Brie is the brainchild of Franck Beaurain, Group Executive Cheesemaker at Jindi Cheese at Jindivick, Gippsland, Victoria.

Being a Frenchman, Franck, has developed a recipe which draws on his Gaelic heritage and has produced a cheese that is as close to the real thing that we have ever seen produced in Australia.

The Old Telegraph Road Brie is made to a traditional size and ships at around 3 kilo and is only released "when mature" from the factory. The "released when mature" philosophy is a non negotiable policy when it comes to the full, Old Telegraph Road range. Cheesemaker Shane Adamiak, Francks right hand man and Franck personally grade each cheese before despatch to ensure the product is up to standard.

At kirkfood, we are really impressed at the reaction we get when people try this new range of cheese. Jindi isn't re inventing the wheel, they've just recognised that the Australian pallete has developed and now demands product that has a traditional style and flavour to it.

From the Old Telegraph Road website, "Its no surprise OTR is on the road to Jindi Cheese and now has a cheese named in its honour. Similar to the traditionally made cheeses of France the OTR Brie is a typical French brie size. The circumference and thickness of a cheese influences how well the cheese develops. OTR Brie is ready for sale when at least half of the cheese is ripe which can take up to 6 weeks.

The cheese has a balanced appearance and subtle aroma of mould and earthiness. As the cheese ripens its velvety white mould begins to show a reddish brown appearance. OTR has a smooth texture with an earthy, mushroomy aroma. It is a well balanced cheese with characteristics that continue to develop with age. Particular note should be made of the mouth feel of OTR as it leaves the palate with subtle, lingering flavours rather than a fatty and clawry texture. "

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