The Annual Cheese Calendar arrives with much fanfair.

Date: 14-Dec-2009 News Blog

The annual Cheese Girls Calendar from France, new for 2010 -(See the tasteful, image examples below.)

From the publisher of the Calendar......."By placing the opposite of the stereotypes that too often trivialize the soil, the calendar From'Girls bears another look at our surroundings and gourmet food. Making cheese more poetic, more sensitive, more childlike, more female maybe! ...It's certainly out of the rut of safety and health for us to restore its rightful place in the exclusive club of products with high cultural value."

"The raw milk cheese is a matter of culture ... Like wine, cheese is part of our heritage and is inseparable from our history. He has helped shape our landscapes, there is a link between a local and know-how, he was the architect of an ecological balance. Without cheese, France would not be what it is. Without the variety of cheeses that make up our board so envied in the world, breeds of cows, sheep or goats could not shape our landscapes so beautiful. Therefore, the Association advocates for not leaving our old heritage in the hands of industry groups who falsify cheese and plunder our know-how. Provocation if any, Calendar recalls the tone of adult humor that Beauty inspires respect. May all foodies and young generations to be aware. The future of our land is in our hands."

"Casting for the 2010 Calendar (real people, real cheese)

The calendar From'Girls is supported by family SMEs: La Fromagerie Haxaire for Munster PDO La Fromagerie Gillot Camembert for AOC La Fromagerie Graindorge for AOC Livarot and Pont L'Eveque AOC L'Etoile du Quercy Rocamadour for AOC La Fromagerie des Terres d'Auvergne for Saint-Nectaire PDO Cooperative Valuejols for Cantal AOC La Fromagerie Delin for Brillat-Savarin La Fromagerie Juragruy? County for PDO The Syndicat Interprofessionnel du Gruy? French AOC La Fromagerie Chabert for Volume Bauges PDO, La Fromagerie Lincet Chaource for the AOC"

Photos in the spirit of a working woman.....

The association has chosen a contemporary and realistic tone that tells the storys on a humorous and offbeat level. Piles of cheese or cheese only at the center of the stage, the pinups are one with the cheese.

As mentioned, these Calendars are rare and released very late.

Nevertheless. It's a unique and rare gift opportunity for any food enthusiast.

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