Fresh Black Truffles - the 2009 season starts here.

Date: 02-Apr-2009 News Blog

The 2009, Western Australia, Black Truffle season promises to be the best season yet for the Wine and Truffle Company.


Here are the details and an open letter from the Wine and Truffle Company, inviting chefs and restaurateurs to access and enjoy this wonderful product.


We're just a month away from being able to deliver our rare 'Tuber Melanosporum French Black Truffle'

from Manjimup, Western Australia. The 13,000 Hazelnut and Oak trees have performed beautifully over the

last nine months and we are expecting our largest harvest ever.

The 2009 truffle winter harvest will begin at Hazel Hill late May and run through to the mid/end of August.

This letter is to inform you of the sales and distribution we have in place to ensure you get the freshest

truffles and the best service possible.

We have adopted a "farm gate to plate" approach. This will be in direct contact with the

truffle hunter, Damon Boorman, which is intended to improve communications and ensure you get the

freshest truffles possible through our fast, reliable priority freight service.

Every morning during harvest Damon and a team of trained dogs will walk the truffiere at Hazel Hill in

search of the ripest truffles. Once the days' truffles are found, they are taken to our processing centre for

cleaning, weighing, grading and dispatch, guaranteeing the freshest and best quality truffles.

You should fax or email your orders directly to Damon, We will be able to track your order from the farm all

the way to your restaurant door, you will receive your truffles within 36 hours of them being found.

The Wine & Truffle Co advantage:

o The Wine & Truffle Co is the largest producer of French Black Truffle in the southern


o Production is Tuber Melanosporum only

o Orders are managed directly at the truffle farm

o As the largest producer, we are the only supplier able to maintain regular supply to

you throughout the entire season.

o For any queries, our food service distributors, in each state can meet with you

personally. If you have concerns about the quality of the truffle in the first instance

please call Damon on the numbers below

o Our Wine & Truffle Co quality control is world best practice and our trained staff have

worked with the best truffle producers of France to learn grading, sorting and


o After sales service - we are available to answer your questions and we welcome your


We invite you to try our "farm gate to plate" service. We're sure you'll be delighted.

Kind Regards

Damon Boorman

Truffle Operations Manager

Tel. 08 9772 4614

Fax. 08 9777 2820


Adam Wilson

Truffle Sales Manager

Tel. 0413 626 244




Restaurant Pricing 2009 Black Truffle Season


Direct from Manjimup Western Australia rare and pungent'Tuber Melanosporum French Black Truffles'Harvest season begins late May and will run through to the end of August.


3 grades of Fresh Truffle available - Extra, 1st Class and 2nd Class


Extra Class


Individual Truffle size: between 25g -200gms each


Price per kilogram $2200


10% discount for orders over 1kg $1980


1st Class


Individual Truffles over 200gs & Fresh Pieces / Cuts

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