Date: 24-Mar-2010 News Blog

You could say that we are "stocking up". Actually, we are! Thanks to Prestige Foods.

Prestige Foods manufacture a high quality range of Sauces and Stocks for foodservice. Kirkfood is pleased to advise that we now carry the Prestige Foods range of products.

The Prestige Foods range consists of:

Pure Chicken Stock (Fonds de Volaille)

Beef Stock (Fonds Brun)

Lamb Stock (Fonds d' Agneau)

Veal Stock (Fonds De Veau)

Fish Stock

Vegetable Stock (Fonds de Legumes)

As well as a Lobster Broth, American Style Lobster Sauce, Premium Red Wine Sauce and a gutsy, Brown Sauce. (For trade orders of Prestige Foods stocks and sauces, CLICK HERE)

Prestige Food state: "A chef's secret for success is often in their stocks.


However, chefs running busy kitchens may not have the considerable time required to make their own stocks. Our clients were continually asking us for a supply of pre-made, premium stocks, so 14 years ago, we looked into producing them ourselves.


In 1990/91, we built a state-of-the-art stock manufacturing plant, which principally supplied product to Japan. Over the past five years, we have upgraded the plant and now supply our own Prestige-branded stocks throughout Australia and internationally.


Our stocks are:

* made from 100% natural ingredients

* produced the way chefs produce their own stocks

* reliable in consistency

* full flavoured time after time

* may reduce bacteriological risks coming from bones and meats

* quick and easy to prepare

* sold in frozen form and have a shelf life of 12 months

* perfect for emergency situations that arise when a quick soup or sauce is required

* great to use as a base to add flavours."

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