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Date: 08-Jul-2010 News Blog

 New Cheese on range: Chabichou, Crottin, Soignon, Cremeaux


 Big Savings on our favorite French Cheese: Brillat Savarin, Fourme d'Ambert, St Agur


 A further 10% discount on Carton Buys


 Spend $500+ on French Cheese and get a free French Cheese Calendar (From Girls 2010)


 Half price From Girls French Cheese Calendars(normally $41.00)

Petit Sapin 300 gm

Rich & creamy styled on Mont D'Or, spruce band and wooden box $14.60 each


Saint Marcellin 80 gm

A unique truffled and earthy flavour, firm to begin then molten texture $4.35 each


Brillat Savarin 500 - 650 gm

Excellent triple cream, light delicate texture, good portion controlling/handling $20.85 each


Cremeaux d'Argental 2 kg

A brilliant 60% Double Cream - Luxuriously rich and decadent $38.50 /kg


Lingot d'Argental 900 gm

Rectangular double cream white mould $39.95 each


Petit Camembert 125gm

Full flavoured with earthy, complex flavours developing $4.25 each


Chabichou AOC 150 gm

$9.95 each


Crottin 50 gm

$3.35 each


Mini Chevre Camembert 125gm

A delicious chevre camembert which develops a good depth of flavour $9.95 each


Chevre d'Argental Camembert 1kg $38.90 /kg


Sainte-Maure 2 x 250g

Ash chevre log straw in the middle, sweet lactic flavour $34.20 tray


Soignon Matured Goats Log 1 kg

A spritely fresh, citrusey goats milk log, nice salt balance. $34.95 /kg

And for something sweet and French, we've just had the La Perruche range of sugar cubes and Crystals arrive.

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