Shortcrust Pastry. Shortcrust pastry is now available in sweet and savoury

Date: 12-Feb-2010 News Blog

Shortcrust pastry, made using the finest, Corman Butter from Belgium is now available in 5 kg rolls.

Since we introduced our Puff Pastry a few years ago we have had numerous enquiries about Shortcrust.

Shortcrust Pastry is available in two formats. Sweet Shortcrust and Savoury shortcrust, ready rolled for you convenience is 5 kilo packs.

In order to make the perfect pie, you'll need shortcrust pastry.Shortcrust pastry is usually used to form the base of a pie or tart.Shortcrust is made using a ration of 50% flour to 50% fat. Kirkfood Shortcrust Pastry uses only the finest, Corman butter from Belgium as the fat component. Shortcrust does not use a "leavening agent" so it doesn't puff up when baked.


Sweetcrust is actually Shortcrust pastry but with sugar added.  

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