Yea brand Dairy - take advantage of the media coverage this range is getting.

Date: 13-Feb-2012 News Blog

 you're a good food retailer, you need to know about this to exploit sales opportunities.


Stop Press!

Yea Brand Dairy will be receiving unprecedented coverage on three nationally broadcast Televison productions this year.

Many would have seen the product being used on many of the Masterchef episodes over the last three years. Masterchef is again using the Creme Fraiche, Mascarpone and Clotted cream in the new series beginning soon. This year will also see the products being used in the latest series of My Kitchen rules.

The latest food show to be screened From April on the Nine Network "Heat and Smoke" presented by well respected, Melbourne based food journalist Bob Hart, sees Bob Hart visiting the Yea Brand Facility.

Footage of Yea Brand Creme Fraiche and Mascarpone production will be aired in several segments and the product used in recipes and demonstrations on the show.

Yea Brand Dairy products will receive a huge profile boost as a result of these television shows and as a result, savvy retailers have the opportunity to capitalise on sales of the products.

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