Tenerezze di Polpa (octopus sausage) from Sardinia

Date: 05-Jul-2011 News Blog

I recently visited Italy and attended one of the countries best Trade shows. Our freinds at Sarda Affumicati were very keen to show us their latest product - this amazing Octopus Sausage.


NEW - Check out the Eel Fillets as well......


Caught in the waters round Sardinia, this Octopus Sausage (Tenerezze di polpo), after steam cooking, is cut into small chunks and pressed. The heat treatment during processing allows conservation without the use of preservatives.


This is the latest product from Sarda Affumicati and it is taking the European food scene by storm.


Cut into thin slices and dress with garlic, oil, lemon or vinegar - a great starter. Flavour is enhanced when added to a salad of rocket and Treviso chicory. Brilliant sliced and warmed with a perfectly seared scallop on top.

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