Valdeon Chesse (Queso de Valdeon)

Date: 13-Jul-2010 News Blog

Valdeon Cheese (Queso de Valde?is a mixed milk (Goat and Cows Milk) cheese from from the Valdeon Valley in a region known as Castilla-Leon in the North West of Spain. The valley is in the Picos de Europa mountain range.


The cheese is made year-round and is identifiable by the wrapping of leaves (Usually Chestnut or Sycamore) which are used to protect the cheese during transport and maturation. When the Vine leaves are removed the rind displays a very rustic aesthetic and the cheese procures a slightly nutty flavour from the leaves.


Valdeon is matured in cave like conditions not unlike roquefort for about 3 - 4 months.


Valdeon cheese is off white in colour with aggressive blue/green veins. The flavour is creamy, sweet and tangy to spicy with age and, due to the use of goats milk, has a hercinity on the back pallete.


Valdeon carries a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status which ensures that only products genuinely originating in that region are allowed to carry the designation.The cheese pairs well with Dry white wines

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