Jamon, Prosciutti di San Daniele and other things Porcine at Kirks this month

Date: 15-Oct-2009 News Blog

Jamon, Prosciutti Di San Daniele and other things Porcine at Kirks this month.

Jamon Jamon, the movie, back in 1992,was a destined to be a cult classic - a sexy, sultry love story told around Spanish Ham.

At kirkfood, we have our own love story with Jamon - Iberico and Serrano are now back in stock!

There are good stocks in our warehouse now and our source in Spain is highly regarded as one of the best producers around. AK has a quick explanation of the different types here.

Click here and type Jamon into the search field.

While we're speaking of things Porcine, we have also just landed some superb Prosciutti di San Daniele from Italy. Click here to read Will's post on King's Prosciutti di San Daniele.

On a local front, we now carry the BB products range of pre sliced smallgoods. Click here for more.

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