Vieux Berger Artisan Roquefort

Date: 01-Jul-2008 News Blog

The Vieux Berger Roquefort originates from Roquefort-sur-Soulzon in the Aveyron, South of France. Many thousands of Roquefort cheeses are produced each year, however Vieux Berger is distinguished by it's hand-made, artisan production.


Three generations of Combes family have developed Vieux Berger Roquefort since 1923. Roquefort cheese itself though, is thought to date back possibly to 2000 BC following the discovery of small articles of cheese making in the area. It is a cheese, which was famous in Ancient Rome and has remained largely unchanged for centuries.

Roquefort is made into small round wheels about 2.5 Kg in size, and has an ivory white paste. This cheese is unique in so many ways but most famously for it's maturation in the damp humid caves in the town Roquefort. Some are stored in purpose built cellars, but Vieux Berger is matured in completely natural caves. Typically it is cut in half and presented wrapped in foil.

Vieux Berger Roquefort is a blue vein cheese made from whole, unpasteurised ewe's milk. It is a fairly typical cheese making process: Milk is ripened then rennet and pennicilium roqueforti added. The curds are cut and mixed, then hand ladled into mould so the whey can drain naturally. The cheeses are dry-salted by hand and then spiked to allow the mould to develop. Ripening takes place in warm humid caves and once graded by the cheesemakers is wrapped and presented for sale.


Typically, Roquefort can be quite bold in flavour. Firstly because of the ewe's milk, making it richer and full-bodied. Secondly it is a blue vein cheese with a fair amount of salt content. Furthermore, if the cheese is quite old the overall punch in the Roquefort can be dominating. Vieux Berger artisan Roquefort is softer, creamier, and has a less aggressive bite in the mouth.

Serve at an ambient room temperature, but not overly warm. There are many ways to enjoy Roquefort: With pears, grapes or other fruit that can cut through the sharper, creamier texture. In France it is often served with butter. Best eaten also with good quality fresh bread.


ï�§ Originates from the town of Roquefort, Aveyron in South of France

ï�§ Blue vein cheese made from whole, unpasteurised ewe's milk

ï�§ Creamy full fat blue cheese with bite, but a long full flavour

ï�§ Hand made at Vieux Berger, ripened in natural caves

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