Salarium Argentum - Organic Himalayan Crystal Salt

Date: 06-Jul-2010 News Blog

Salarium Argentum brings to you a delightful range of natural salts from the foothills of the Himalayas. These gourmet salts are highly prized by discerning chefs around the world and health advocates alike - and no wonder since Himalayan Crystal Salt is distinctive in five ways:

For its colours - Black, White and Pink

For its flavours

For its texture

For its purity

For its health benefits

Now you have the opportunity to experience this range of salt yourself. See if you are not completely won over by a new way of cooking and a new way of bringing flavour to your favourite dishes, naturally.

When used in the cooking process, the flavours of the ingredients of your recipes are enhanced. Contrary to recent ideology, and for those concerned about using salt, Salarium Argentum Himalayan Crystal Salt is suitable for those who want to reduce their salt intake or for those who simply wish to improve their health naturally . By avoiding the high salt content in processed foods , already the salt surplus (unhealthy salt) in our diet can be eliminated. Freshly prepared foods with Himalayan Crystal Salt opens the doors to a much healthier way to good eating and living. Black Gourmet Salt is an intense gourmet salt of the highest quality. It has a strong initial flavour that mellows in cooking. Recommended uses are with ingredients that are strong in flavour themselves, such as red meats, oily fish and offal. It can also be used for salt baked dishes.

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