Best Cream - Yea Brand Dairy win "Champion Cream" for their Creme Fraiche.

Date: 29-Nov-2013 News Blog

Yea brand Dairy have achieved the highest accolade in the Australain Dairy industry for their Creme Fraiche.

The Australian Grand Dairy Awards are held each year and the judging process takes a few weeks. Judging is carried out by a selected panel of industry experts.

The award was presented to Yea Brand dairy for the category of Cream and the Creme Fraiche was officially recognised as "champion cream".

Yea brand Dairy Creme Fraiche is available in 250 gm format for retail and 500 gm format for Foodservice.

Creme Fraiche - Yea Brand DairyCreme Fraiche - Yea Brand DairyYea brand Dairy logo

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