Saint Agur Cloche has arrived. A great value, convenient way to buy St Agur

Date: 18-Jan-2012 News Blog

Saint Agur is in stock now. The new "Cloche" pacakge is great value and (for trade customers) better value than you might think.

Available for your next "order to week" cycle or, ex stock from kirkfood.


St Agur Cloche

o Convenient 250 gm format.

o no cutting.

o Grab and Go.

o Great shelf life.

o Keeps fresh.

o Superior presentation

o Be among the first in Australia to stock it.

Be seduced by Saint Agur.

This week kirkfood has a stellar addition to the range. Introducing the new Saint Agur Cloche (250g Portion). All the creaminess and lushness that is the seductive Saint Agur AND the convenience of a ready to purchase, grab and go pack.

For pricing email us (trade only)

A MASSIVE thank you for your support with the range we introduced last year, look out for some amazing promotions (More 1 in 3 deals and some very sexy Lagouile knives) kicking off very soon.

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