Petit Sapin Vacherin - Mont D'or style cheese from France

Date: 08-Jul-2010 News Blog

This exquisite cheese is made in the Franche-Comte region bordering Switzerland. Petite Sapin is a pasteurised cows milk cheese in the style of a Mont d'Or.


Made from mountain milk, master cheese makers are able to produce this magnificent flavoured cheese that closely resembles the complex flavours ordinarily found only in raw milk cheese.


It is sold and ripened in its own individual box. The wooden band maintains the cheese shape and should not be removed even when serving.


It is a Vacherin style cheese so it shows a creamy tending to runny centre encased by a solid, crumpled rind. The aroma is not overpowering, however it does have an appealing rustic earthy smell which is partly a reflection of the high quality of the mountain milk.

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