King Island pull the plug on Pure Cream and Creme Fraiche

Date: 05-Sep-2008 News Blog

Over twenty years ago King Island Cream and Creme Fraiche were appearing on Menus at all the best restaurants in Australia. Very soon, after gaining the acceptance of the best chefs in the country, you could also buy it at selected delis. The product was regularly hard to get and often not available at all due to the limited production on the island. The KIng Island Dairy has changed hands possibly half a dozen times since Bill Kirk created the now famous products. In recent times, the Brand has become widely available on Supermarket shelves across the country and indeed overseas as well.    The end of an era is nigh as confirmation that King Island Pure Cream and Creme Fraiche are to be deleted from the product range. The reason being lack of raw materials to make it.

All is not lost for those who love to indulge in such wonderfully delicious and rich ingredients.

Yea Brand Dairy is a partnership of the Wiliamson Family, the Kirk Family and Kirk Food Associates Pty Ltd. The modern, recently refurbished and expanded production facility is located at Yea in Central Victoria, the northern gateway to the famous cold climate wine region of the Yarra Valley.

General Manager Ross Williamson and his wife Jane look after the day to day operations of the facility and have been involved in the business since 1992. Ross is a qualified cheesemaker with 20 years experience in the industry. Managing Director Bill Kirk, was the original creator of the famous King Island Dairy range of products and brings to the company over 40 years experience working in the Dairy industry. Kirk Food Associates provide logistical support and distribution in Sydney and Melbourne.

Yea Brand Dairy Manufacture cream and cheese products for both retail and foodservice operators. Clotted Cream, Cr? Fraiche, Mascarpone and Club Cheddar cheese make up the product mix.

The factory was recently totally refurbished and expanded with a view to tripling the production capacity. These works were completed at the beginning of 2006. Early in 2007, Yea Brand was granted export approval from AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) and is now actively seeking agents in markets abroad, particularly Asia.

Yea Brand have been supplying product locally for over twenty years. The current range of products are lauded by Chefs and consumers alike.

Yea Brand Creme Fraiche is the logical, local alternative to Isigny Creme Fraiche from France.

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