St Agur Blue cheese - the shape of things to come

Date: 31-May-2012 News Blog

This week's consignment from France was much awaited as the new packaging for the St Agur "cloche" has arrived.

This cheese, made at the village of Beauzac in Auvergne, was developed in 1988 by the mighty Bongrain cheese company (Kirkfood is proud to be the Australian agents for "Bongrain Export overseas") in France.

The new pack is retail ready and presents in a display fridge straight out of the box for clean and efficient merchandising and stock handling.

Saint Agur is quite a wet blue and to alleviate the moisture, the pack contains a wicking pad.

At 60% butterfat, Saint Agur is lush and creamy blue cheese and presents with mild blue veins that become spicier with age.

The full form of the St Agur blue is a 2 kilo wheel. This presentation is cut from the wheel.

FACT: There has never been a saint named Agur.

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