Gold Medal win for Milawa Cheese Company at the 2013 World Cheese Awards

Date: 13-Dec-2013 News

Gold Medal win for Milawa Cheese Company at the 2013 World Cheese Awards:

Milawa Cheese Company has done it again, winning multiple awards at the 2013, World Cheese Awards, as they did in 2012 and 2011!  This year’s GOLD medal winner is Milawa White “This is one of my favourite cheeses, it’s a little bit like if Cheddar and Mozzarella had a love child, it’s a really easy eating cheese that will blow your mind in a toasted cheese sandwich!” says Ceridwen Brown, daughter of founder’s Annie and David Brown.  “What’s really great about winning for Milawa White is that it is uniquely Australian, a cheese that has been developed here at Milawa since our inception in 1988.  Originally a mistake Milawa Blue the recipe has been perfected in the last few years by Stephen Russell our head cheese maker.” 

Milawa White has been a notoriously hard cheese to win awards for as it doesn’t easily fit into the tight judging criteria here in Australia, where there may only be up to 10 categories of cheeses, however at the World Cheese Awards there are over 100 categories, with over 2,700 entries from around the world, judged by “a panel of 16 expert judges representing 13 nations, including Australia, France, Mexico and the US”


Winning a SILVER medal for the King River Gold in the Taleggio class is a great honour, in previous years we’ve entered it in the ‘any other rind cheese not in any other class’ and done really well, so we thought this year we’d put it up against the big boys in the Taleggio class, so we’re super thrilled to have done even better in this very specific class.

“This win is a great reflection on our team of cheese-makers who have been making outstanding cheeses this year, as well our local farmers who have been producing great quality milk, we congratulate all of them on their hard work” David Brown, founder Milawa Cheese Company.

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Previous years medals:


Milawa Blue – Silver

King River Gold – Bronze

Capricornia – Bronze

Tomme – Bronze

Mt Buffalo Blue – Bronze


Milawa Blue – Gold

King River Gold – Bronze

Capricornia – Bronze


Press  Release by Ceridwen Brown

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