Cashel Blue Cheese

Date: 16-Mar-2011 News Blog

Cashel Blue is one of Irelands great cheese success stories.

Cashel Blue is the creation of Louis and Jane Grubb, in County Tipperary Ireland. A glut of milk in the 1970's led many dairy farmers in Ireland to re-think their future in the industry.


One famous off shoot of this thinking was the formation of "The Kerry Group" in County Kerry which is now one of the largest ingredient processors in the world.


For the Grubbs, their decisions was to make the first blue cheese in Ireland. After two years of experimenting, the first commercial production of Cashel Blue was made.


Louis and Jane produced their own milk for Cashel blue from a milking heard of Holstein Friesian dairy cows, and Louis is meticulous in his selection of pedigree cows to obtain the highest quality milk possible.


In the first 3-4 months of ageing it is quiet mild, but very likeable because it is creamy and not overly salty. With age the complexity of flavour develops and becomes sharper and infact this cheese will eat well up to six months of age.


Today, Cashel Blue is widely regarded as the most famous Irish cheese and is available throughout Ireland, England the USA and now Australia.

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