Spice Girls

Date: 08-Mar-2007 News Blog

I'm intrigued by spices and spice mixes at the moment. Since I first entered self styled spice guru, Peter Watson's shop in Fitzroy and sucked in the smell, I've been fascinated. So when Rosemary Mellor and Nadette Cumming from the "Red Hill Spice Girls" came to see us I was more excited than "Big Kev" (you remember him! The big fella who sold detergent on the TV). 

The Red Hill Spice Girls (Rosemary and Nadette) have a small but unique range of mostly traditional rubs, marinades and infusions. These include:

o Persian Baharat o Laksa o Mumbai Curry o Marinating Rub o Moroccan Ras el Hanout o Sweet Baharat o Siam Salt and Pepper o Peppermill blend o Hot Barbados o Chicken Roast Rub

The packs are convenient at 70gm - 90gm (Depending on the blend) and the picture on the label actually looks like Nadette and Rosemary.

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