Tremblaye Goats milk Blue

Date: 22-Nov-2016 News Blog

Chevre Bleu is a traditional sweet blue cheese that is very particular due to being made with goat's milk. The summer version has a simple flavour of the milk produced by goats grazing pastures, and is characterised by a comforting roundness and the faint perfume of the mould. It is matured for about 4-6 weeks, has a tender, moist, snow-white interior and rindless exterior. The veining is light, so you know not to expect a huge peppery flavour. This blue is more tangy than buttery, with a mellow cultured flavour that reminds some more of feta than blue cheese. Chevre in Blue sidesteps the typical salty, biting, and bitter elements of blue cheese and is balanced, friendly and easy to eat.

La Tremblaye Goats milk blue