Blue, Milawa, Portion, 150 gm

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13% increase from 3/6 across all Milawa Range.
MEDAL WINNING CHEESE: 2017 Bronze, Australian Fine Food Awards.

Four ingredients: Milk, Salt, Culture and Rennet.lineline This is the hand cut, 150 gm format of the larger format Milawa Blue. Hand cut for the wheel, the wedges are sold as set weight.

David and Anne Brown, who established Milawa Cheese Company in 1988, aimed to create hand made European Style inspired cheeses in Australia using local milk.

Their range includes award winning classics like: Milawa Blue, King River Gold & Milawa White, also producing a variety of sheep and goat milk cheeses.

Milawa Blue is a seasonal cheese with a mild flavour enhanced by the restrained growth of delicate green/white mould. This is a handmade cheese with a natural rind, Milawa do not use any stabilizers in their cheese making.

This cheese has plenty of character and has won several Australian Cheese Awards. Originally styled on Italian Gorgonzola, it is a mild creamy blue, and features prominently as one of Australia's finest locally produced cheese.

This is a quality Australian cheese which is developed from optimum fresh product thus producing a exceptional specialty cheese.

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