Butter, Carlsbourg, Cultured, 250gm

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Established in the heart of the Ardennes since 1895, Carlsbourg produce butter and cream in accordance with tradition, taste and recognition of the origin.
Carlsbourg has the Appelation of Origin Protected certification and procure the best raw materials from local dairy farmers in the Ardennes to achieve the taste expected from an authentic, traditional, unsalted cultured butter.
Carlsbourg Cultured Butter smells lactic, but not sour, its mouth feel is fresh, luscious and unctuous but not fatty. Unlike most supermarket brands of butter, cultured butter has a noticeable flavour that is tangy, fresh, lightly sweet and extremely buttery.
Key Characteristics:
- Milk Type: Cow
- Type: Cultured
- Geographical Region: Europe, Belgium, Ardennes
- Eating Recommendations: Fresh bread and butter is always going to be a hit, along with an easy way to perk up a meal. Instead of dealing with a complicated sauce, simply top whatever you quote re eating with butter that quote s been enhanced by another ingredient. Mix fresh herbs or garlic into the butter for a savoury topping or mash crumbles of fried prosciutto into the butter and melt it over steak or cooked vegetables. For something on the lighter side, stir fresh lemon zest into your the butter and spread it over seafood.

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