Shipping and Returns

Returns policy:

It is necessary for us to execute our returns policy under the following circumstances. Picking error: Our food safety plan only allows inbound stock to be received from approved suppliers. Orders picked in error will be dealt with on a case by case basis and errors rectified in the most convenient amount of time for the client and Kirkfood. Goods can only be returned ( refer Section 12.1 of the Kirkfood food safety plan) if the original packaging (internal and external, are intact, and retain their original integrity and, in the case of perishables, proof of cold chain maintenance can be provided) is sound and Kirkfood have been advised of the error within 24 hours of original delivery. Depending on the static storage status of the goods, if the products in question are of a contamination risk, they cannot be put back in to stock and will be required to undergo critical examination to deem their compliance with our food safety program (Section 12.9 of the Kirkfood food safety policy). Each picking error will have a Corrective action notice attached to it and will be logged in our system.

Costs associated with the collection of the goods and re delivery will be covered by Kirkfood.

Goods picked in error and shipped via third party logistics will be treated on the return value of the goods and arrangements made on a case by case basis for the safe retrieval. Ordered in error: Our food safety program (FSP) limits our ability to receive goods from non approved sources. Because of the strict guidelines of our FSP, goods received from non approved suppliers will be treated as downgraded (section 12.9) stock and will more than likely require destruction. As a gesture of good faith, if a client has ordered in error, Kirkfood will limit the application to the client account the associated pickup and delivery costs as well as 20% of the line invoice value on that item.