kirkfood Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for trade users.

Being a director/proprietor of the company and duly authorised to bind the company hereby certify that the forgoing particulars are correct and I understand that the required trading terms of Kirk Food Associates Pty Ltd are payment 7 days from receipt of Monthly Statement and as a director, abides by those trading terms. Whereby the terms are continuously not met, Kirk Food Associates Pty Ltd reserves the right to place the customer on Stop Credit at its discretion and where Kirk Food Associates Pty Ltd fails to receive payment for goods purchased, will pursue that debt through their debt collector. Any collection fees or legal expenses which have been incurred as a result of late payment are to be covered at the director/s personal expense. Customers will expect to be placed on a COD basis unless expressly confirmed other wise by the management of Kirk Food Associates Pty Ltd   The property in and title to any goods supplied shall remain with Kirk Food Associates Pty Ltd and does not pass to the customer until all monies payable pursuant to this application, freight, legal and all other costs have been paid and received by Kirk Food Associates Pty Ltd. All goods sold shall be at the customer’s risk immediately upon delivery.   We acknowledge and agree to conditions above and hereby accept liability with Kirk Food Associates Pty Ltd for all outstanding debts and will PERSONALLY be responsible for, and pay any expense including interest and court fees in obtaining payment of overdue accounts. We understand that dishonoured cheques will incur an administration fee of $30.00 and that further default of payment will result reverting to a purely COD basis or court action being taken.   Where the customer chooses to pay by credit card; Payment will be automatically charged to his/her card the next Monday following delivery. A 1.5% surcharge will apply to payments made by your card after this time. If card payments continuously decline, the customer will revert back to a purely COD basis.   We understand and agree that Kirk Food Associates Pty Ltd will receive payment for goods within the terms set by Kirk Food Associates Pty Ltd.

Terms and Conditions for site access issued to users of existing trade accounts.

I acknowledge that being granted trade access to this website allows me to view information privileged to being a trade client and agree to keep my user credentials private and use them in a manner which honours the integrity of the information that I have access to.

Passing my details on to others without express permission by Kirk Food Associates will be viewed as a breach of the agreement and I understand that in the event of such, my user credentials can be cancelled and viewed as a case of misconduct.   I am also aware that I am viewing and potentially ordering product from Kirkfood to be used for sale or as an ingredient for the company that I represent and that my account id linked to and will, in the event of misusing the privilege be liable for costs associated with misrepresentation of such.

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