St Albray Cheese now available in 200 gm

Date: 01-Sep-2016 News

St Albray 200 gm

St Albray was first made in 1976 in South Western France.

St Albray has a moist texture with small eyes and the ginger mottled rind has a very mild "washed rind" tone with mottely white mould dappled through it.

This is the beautifully presented 200 gm format which lends it's unique flower shape from the larger 2 kilo size.

The cheese has a mild flavour that will slice.
St Albray cheese from France

St Albray cheese

St Albray cheese is also available in the orginal, flower shaped, 2 kg format for bulk deli counter sales and cut and wrap.
St Albray 2 kilo