Olive Oil, Castillo de Canena, Bio Dynamic,Extra Virgin, Picual,

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Biodynamic agriculture is a step forward from the ORGANIC farming method. This method is based on the harmonization between the different forces that govern Nature: seasons, atmospheric phenomenons, lunar cycles and the position of the constellations in the cosmos. Biodynamic agricultura seeks a comprehensive balance of soil, trees, animals and Humanity.

Herbaceous notes of grasses and vegetables prevail in this fresh, lively and expressive oil. Olive leaf, lettuce and artichoke are the primary notes; next come the fresh fruits, tomato vine and a heady touch of green banana and apple.

Well-integrated bitter and piquant with an astringent element hinting at artichoke, cardoon and persimmon. Persistent in the mouth.

At Castillo de Canena we nurture the tree quote s natural life cycle, combining traditional wisdom with cutting-edge technology and scrupulous respect for the environment. All of the olive trees are totally machine-accessible and the groves equipped with drip fertigation systems under Integrated Production (Producci'f3n Integrada or A.P.I.) certification, guaranteeing practices that respect the natural environment and operate under rational cultivation systems.
The electric power needed to run the orchard is obtained by solar energy plants, the pruning off-cut is used for biomass and there are several drought stress control points in the orchards to maximize use of water.
We are aware that we work in a traditional sector, with a product that has been traded for 3000 years. But we also know that through innovation in the cultivation process, the nuances can make our oils more exquisite and alive; that our work can contribute more than a consumer product to the world, it is an entire culture to be experienced.
With this conviction, we continuously move forward in research: tracing our carbon footprint, investigating organic crops, new varieties in our area and combining the knowledge of the most prestigious scientists with the master olive experts in the region.

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