Butter, Corman, Ex Special, 82%, Croissant,5 x 2 kg Sheet

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Technical Butters are the pastry chefs saviour. Designed specifically with pastry applications in mind, the 82% Prestissimo has a magnificent flavour with perfect results everytime. Packed in 2kg sheets, the butter is ideal for perfect puff pastry and croissants. The elasticity of the butter means it wont crack during the folding in process of making puff pastry which means a more even distribution of the butter through the pastry and better layering effect. (1kg sheet pictured but sold by the box of 5 x 2kg)

Corman Butter 82% butter fat - Quality Prestissimo is a totally new and unique layering butter. It combines exceptional qualities of consistency, extensibility, firmness and rebodying.
Thanks to its exceptional workability, it is possible to produce top quality croissants and puff pastries in an easy way. It gives a nice fresh butter taste to the finished products.

Butter temperature : its optimum extensibility is obtained when the temperature is between 15'b0C and 20'b0C. If the butter is too cold, pass it once or twice through the dough laminator.
Layering temperatures : the best results are obtained with a dough as cold as possible (between 4'b0C and 6'b0C).
Fermentation : dough made using PRESTISSIMO butters tolerates fermentation in a proof box up to a temperature of 30'b0C.

Packaging : Sold in 10 kg sealed cartons containing 10 sheets of 1 kg, 5 sheets of 2 kg. Each sheet is wrapped individually in polyethylene foil to guarantee perfect protection.

Remarkable plasticity and flexibility
Exceptional firmness and rebodying after each turn
Consistent quality (taste -texture) all year long

User friendly : PRESTISSIMO can be used in a wide range of temperatures. It can stand high working temperatures
Higher yield : limits shrinkage of layered products which makes it possible to produce more croissants
Quality of baked products :
Higher development during baking process
Lighter finished products with delicious fresh butter taste
Thinner and crispier crust
Better mouthfeel and no waxy feeling

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