Mozzarella, Pomella, IQF Roll, Cows Milk, 1kg

[Stock Code: 1218]

Similar to a Fior di Latte - This product works. Individual Quick Frozen Mozzarella Logs are made using traditional methods and milk of the highest quality which make them ideal for many different culinary uses. This format is especially useful in the food service sector or large catering and restaurant establishments. The logs can be used either entirely or sliced (see Medallions for our pre-cut alternative) and are available in 1kg pieces.

Their format has been specially studied so that they can be used immediately without the need to defrost and ensures an easy melting that increases elasticity during cooking. Alternatively in just a few hours at room temperature (or 24-48 hours in a refrigerator), the product is defrosted and ready to use as fresh.

1kg logs were introduced at the request of a large-scale international customer who required individual products of a large format. Simply remove the desired amount for the day from storage and use them either in tasty recipes or as a fresh product without compromising its original consistency and flavour.

Individual Quick Frozen Mozzarella Logs are available made from both cow's milk and buffalo's milk (known as the highly prestigious Mozzarella di Bufala, which Europomella has the honour of being part of the area assigned Protected Geographical Status for this product).

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