Mozzarella, Pomella, IQF 1gm Pearls, Cows Milk, 2kg

[Stock Code: 1214]

The manufacturing know how at Pomella has achieved a superior solution to making traditional, Italian style pizza.

Individual Quick Frozen Mozzarella Pearls are made using traditional methods and milk of the highest quality which ensures a delicious ingredient for oven-baked dishes, fried delicacies or fresh with cured meat or salad.

Specially developed pearls at a specific weight of 1g, 2g, 5g, 10g and 20g guarantees an easily manageable format that melts very easily.

Each individual piece has a specific weight which means it can be easily and quickly counted and weighed out (e.g. 200 x 2g pearls = 400g), making it simple to calculate and extract amounts efficiently as and when they are needed.

Individual Quick Frozen Mozzarella Pearls are available made from both cow's milk and buffalo's milk (known as the highly prestigious Mozzarella di Bufala, which Europomella has the honour of being part of the area assigned Protected Geographical Status for this product).

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