Bacon, Lucas, 1kg

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Otway Pork pigs are bred on the farm near the Otway Ranges in South Western Victoria. They are derived from a hybrid strain of pigs with the base genetics made up from the Duroc, Large White & Landrace breeds. These breeds have been chosen for their suitability to outdoor breeding and superior meat quality characteristics such as lean meat yield, tenderness and colour.

The pigs are born outdoors. From birth, Otway Pork pigs are free to play, forage and do what all pigs like to do best - socialise, sleep in straw, eat a healthy diet and drink fresh clean water freely. To protect them from the natural elements, they are reared in large straw based shelters where they are free to move about, play and exercise.

This Pork nugget ham is the Nut off the leg. A generous cut of meat with little fat.

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Otway Pork