Beaufort, AOC Ete Meule, 2.5kg approx

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Beaufort originates from the Savoie region of France and takes it's name from the small market village, near Albertville. The cheese itself dates back to Roman times. Beaufort, a cooked pressed cheese, has been recognized as an Appellation Origine Controlee (origin-guaranteed label) since 1968.

The wheels weigh anything from 20 to 70 Kg but generally around 40Kg. They are from 35 to 75cm in diameter, with a 11 to 16 cm concave heel (sides) The texture is smooth with an ivory to pale yellow colour.

The area of manufacture covers the Beaufortain, Tarentaise and Maurienne valleys as well as a part of the Val d'Arly, some 450 000 hectares out of 630 000 in Savoie. This zone is characterized by vast areas of mountain pastures, comparable to those found in Isere and Haute-Savoie combined.

Beaufort can be instantly recognized by its concave heel and its reddish brown rind. Beaufort is a cheese appreciated for its fruity flavour and smoothness, without being excessively strong.

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