Sauce, Prestige, Red Wine, Pouch, 1 kg

[Stock Code: 5215]

Prestige Red Wine Sauce is a rich, thickened, finished GLUTEN-FREE ready-to-use sauce made from Prestige Premium Veal Stock, red wine, port rosemary, thyme and mushroom. It has a characteristic clean veal flavour with base notes from the herbs and mushrooms and a full finish from the red wine. The sauce is beautifully clear with no cloudiness and has an attractive surface gloss with a good cling for easy use. The sauce can be heated in the pouch using a microwave (medium heat) or poured into a pan and heated gently. It will not split if overheated however yield will be lost through reduction. The sauce is freeze/thaw stable and will not weep if held at Bain Marie temperatures for service. If the sauce appears to thicken during holding, either water or stock can be stirred back in successfully to maintain the desired texture. Reduced cream can be added before service if desired to achieve a lighter coloured and flavoured sauce. Serve confidently with roasted or grilled meats and white fleshed fish. The alcohol content of this sauce is less than 1% and it contains no artificial flavourings, has no addedn MSG and is always consistent in flavour and quality. Unopened, this product is shelf-stable at ambient storage temperatures.

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