Prosciutto di San Daniele, Kings, Riserva, 16months, 7 kg

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Among the SAN DANIELE hills, inside the natural amphitheatre created by the Tagliamento river, is an area whose characteristics are perfectly suited for ham seasoning.

The morainal nature of the soil, favouring water absorption, and the confluence of winds coming from the Alps and from the Adriatic Sea ensure an unrivalled climatic balance. It is in this unique environment that the maturation of the classic and world-famous KING's SAN DANIELE ham takes place.

After being processed according to tradition, the special King's Riserva hams are seasoned for a minimum 16 months, exclusive in Australia to Kirkfood.

Excellent Italian pork legs, SAN DANIELE fresh air and sea salt are the only ingredients used for the preparation of this exclusive ham. Each slice should be cut extremely thin before being tasted, as the tradition suggests. The meat's bright red colour is further enhanced by the thin snow-white layer of fat surrounding it, which is also a characteristic of SAN DANIELE ham.

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