Prosciutto di SanDaniele, Kings, Riserva,Sliced, 100gm

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The perfect retail pack of natural Prosciutto di San Daniele. San Daniele prosciutto is more delicate than Parma and is almost sweet. 100 gm of the thinnest sliced prosciutto.

These 100 gm packets of Sliced Prosciutto are the perfect option for consumers with a requirement for the highest quality.

Consistent quality, portion size and with no wastage. Great care is taken in selecting only the best pig legs for Kings's prosciutto which gives a superior product.
Exceed your customers expectations with this magnificent 16 month aged Reserva Prosciutto di San Daniele by King's, exclusive in Australia to Kirkfood. Also available in 7kg boneless legs.

Amazing wrapped around 3 stalks of fresh asparagus and thrown on the BBQ.

Ingredients consist of only two - Pork and Salt

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Kings Prosciutto