Anchovies, Delfino, Fillets in Oil, 580 gm

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Such a tiny, silvery creature, yet one of nature's most tasty and wholesome. It's the anchovy, a Mediterranean favorite known in Italian as acciuga or alice. This tidbit-size creature thrives in the crystal waters along the coast of Campania - the breathtaking region of Naples, Capri, Salerno. Close to the latter, in a very small town called Cetara, the family of Delfino Battista has been perfecting their ancient craft for the past half a century: selecting and preserving the small, elongated fish from the local coastline, enhancing its flavor and concentrated goodness, deriving from the fresh product a variety of savory delicacies. Engraulis encrasicolus - that's the scientific name - is characterized by a compressed body measuring 4 to 20 centimeters maximum, whose sleek, succulent, close-textured flesh is literally imbued with firm, tangy flavor and healthful vitamin A. It is almost hard to believe that such a scrumptious treat is actually good for us! Another plus for anchovies is their extreme versatility with food: a tiny fillet or a spoonful of concentrate is enough to "make" a recipe, be it with pasta, rice, salad, potatoes, bruschetta etc. Delfino Battista's anchovy products are painstakingly prepared by hand and seasoned at ideal temperature and humidity levels.

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