Baronerosso diCapra, Aged Goats, red wine 1.4 kg

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Originates from the upper veneto region of Northern Italy. It was here that Alessandro Carpenedo's father first started making Umbriaco back in teh 1950's Tired of replicating the same style regional cheese he searched for ways to elevate the flavours possible in good cheese - not just by careful production and long ageing - but by meticulous attention to the matching of wine and cheese. What we are given is a cheese matured in barrels of barbera Grape Must that takes the flavour and texture matrix to a whol new level. First the careful slection of goats milk and a (....) rennet to obtain a cheese that matures well without bitterness. ON the contary there is a wonderful sweetness to these. Then we have the marriage of Barbera with aged cheese and this imbue a most refined flavour upon the rind that has a prefume which is not overbearing at all, indeed complimenting the tight structure of the matured goat cheese - almost unlocking the sweet flavours and aromas. Visually this is quite stunning in a rustic, traditional kind of way. The cheese crumbles wonderfully somewhat resembling a parmigiano Reggiano. ythe taste at first is quite dominant and then long, sweet and lingering. A delightful cheese and a significant contribution to the Italian Specialty Cheese range at Kirkfood.

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