Blue, Invernizzi, Gorgonzola, Picante, Prepack, 200 gm

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Product Overview and Tasting Notes:
For more than 100 years, Invernizzi has been offering affordable and tasty cheeses, made with simple ingredients and suitable for all ages. They pride themselves to be one of the few remaining local companies that actually heat-treats milk in-house. This winning combination of cleverly integrated technology and production skills, backed by their 30 years of experience, attention to detail and utmost respect for tradition, makes an outstanding symbol of excellence, not only for Novara, but for all that is best about the Made in Italy brand.
Gorgonzola traces its noble origins way back through the centuries. For a cheese to be labelled gorgonzola - it must come from the farmland of the same name, under Consortium control. Only milk farms in the provinces of Novara, Vercelli, Cuneo, Biella, Verbania and the territory of Casale Monferrato in Piedmont and Bergamo, Brescia, Como, Cremona, Lecco, Lodi, Milan, Monza, Pavia and Varese Lombardy can be used to produce Gorgonzola. Dolce or mild gorgonzola, with a delicate taste, more creamy texture and less well-developed veins of mould, is left to mature for about two months. Piccante or mature gorgonzola, with a firmer texture, stronger taste and more clearly defined veins of mould, is matured for about three months.
Invernizzi Gorgonzola is a traditional Lombardian classic, and is the original gorgonzola before modern taste dictated a creamier, milder blue. Their Gorgonzola is produced by small scale cheese-makers in the Valsassina Alps, in the province of Lecco. The alpine pastures produce a variety of flowers and herbs which without question contribute to the high quality and unique flavour of the milk that goes into making these alpine cheeses. The first curd is produced the day before and left to cool, the second curd is warm and full of whey. The two curds are then layered, alternating between rich warm curds and the previous day's cool curds. This is a unique natural process, as opposed to the industrial method used by modern cheese makers. This is often referred to as Mountain Gorgonzola or Natural Two Curd Gorgonzola and is produced in very limited quantities. Its flavour begins with a savoury, creamy taste and then as the cheese ages the taste becomes more robust, more intense and piquant. Use within a few days after purchasing, and for best flavour, serve at room temperature.
Key Characteristics:
- Milk Type: Cow
- Milk Style: Blue
- Affinage: Less than 6 months
- Geographical Region: Europe, Italy, Novara
- Eating Recommendations: Gorgonzola makes a good addition to a cheese board accompanied by crusty bread and a variety of fresh fruit. It is fabulous crumbled on top of a meal or as a dessert cheese. Fold Blue Invernizzi Gorgonzola Picante into risotto at the last minute, on freshly cooked pasta, and in dressings and salads or served alongside polenta.
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