Cabecou, Kytren, Jar, 30 x 30 gm

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Margaret and Ken Vinicombe originally made cheese for Kervella and eventually branched out into their own venture in 1996 and have succesfully launched their cheese into the restaurants of the finest dining establishments throughout Australia.

Margaret is particularly fastidious about the quality of her milking herd to achieve the best flavour from their milk.

Good herd management means high quality milk, which in turn means good tasting cheese, which is exactly what we get from Kytren Goats cheese. With an excellent milking herd and high qualified feed they are able to produce a Premium Quality Goats Cheese with a light creamy texture. The taste is not one that overpowers, but one that enhances the taste of other foods yet is a delicious eater alone. Cabecou in Oil - Small firm medallions which have been dried for 2 weeks. 30 x 30 Cabecou, marinated in oil with herbs, spices and garlic.

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