Mushroom, Porcini, Whole Frozen, Grade 1AA, 1kg

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Porcini mushroom, Cep or boletus edulis - definately one of the most highly prized chefs ingredients. In Australia they don't grow in the wild and as yet there is no way of farming these horticulturally. So there are a few options on how we can get them onto the plate here in Australia: First is dried and sliced which is the most commonly available and accessible way to buy them becasue they are easily handled and store well. Second, we can airfreight fresh mushroom, however, fresh mushrooms as we know deteriorate quite rapidly so quality is usually on the decline after a few days from picking. Then we have frozen Procini/Cep mushrooms. We are extremely glad that Quarantine has re-instated the ability for us to import frozen Procini/Ceps, and we are even more glad that we have snagged the exclusive agency for Europe's most highly regarded Mushroom merchant, Bolets Petras in Spain. This family, mushroom trading company, has created an extraordinary reputation amongst Spain and Europe's top chefs for their ability to secure the finest mushrooms about. Frozen Ceps/Porcini can be used in so many ways to enhance numerous dishes. You can slice them frozen and saute with a little oil and butter, or add them directly to a rice or sauce dish for amore intense flavour. Alternatively, defrost them slowly in the refrigerator and make sure you collect the liquid which can then be used as an extra flavouring for other dishes. First Grade Frozen Ceps, another quality ingredient from Spain brought to you by Kirkfood.

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