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Product Overview - Producer Details and Tasting Notes:
Crozier Blue has been an outstanding addition to the farmhouse cheese selection available in Australia, and has recently been awarded Coup de Coeur at the 2016 Salon du Fromage, and is now sold in selected stores in France alongside Roquefort. We've long believed Crozier is better!! Henry and Louis Clifton Brown are sheep farmers who were convinced that there was an opportunity for a good quality sheep milk blue cheese on the Irish food scene.The two brothers were encouraged by the success of their uncle, Louis Grubb who in close vicinity makes the famous Cashel Blue, probably the best known and most successful farmhouse cheese in Ireland. So Henry and Louis traveled the world to find the best milking sheep, and the most efficient means to milk sheep before they even began to make cheese. They even worked and traveled in Australia gaining valuable experience along the way.
Cashel Blue Farmhouse Cheese Company was established in 1984 by the Grubb family in County Tipperary - it was Ireland's first farmhouse blue cheese. All the milk that goes into their cheese (Cashel and Crozier Blue) is pasteurised, but not homogenised. After pasteurisation, the milk is piped into vats ready for the addition of starter culture and rennet - it is also at this stage that the blue mould is added to the milk. Once the milk has coagulated, the curd is cut and turned to help separate it from the whey - The cheesemaker then cuts the curd by hand using a cheese harp and turns the curd, also by hand. When the curds are the required strength, they are removed from the vats and transferred to cheese moulds for shaping. Any residual whey present in the curds is allowed to drain out of the newly formed cheese over a period of 48 hours, assisted by turns at regular intervals. This draining occurs naturally, the curd is not pressed. Once turned, the cheese is then de-moulded and salted; after this it is pierced top and bottom with a set of stainless steel needles to allow oxygen to get into the cheese, encouraging the blue mould to form. After piercing, the cheese it is then transferred to ripening rooms for maturation for between an average of two to three weeks, producing a natural cheese with a natural rind (therefore without wax or coating). As a result the rind on the cheese will often have a covering of mould, which is generally stronger than the rest of the cheese. The final maturation is once the blue has developed within the cheese - it is then that it is assessed for texture and level of acidity to manage the development of the cheese and deliver Crozier Blue as you like it.
Crozier Blue is made in much a similar way as Cashel Blue, with only a few very minor changes to take into account the difference in the milk. It is an exciting addition to the farmhouse cheese selection available in Australia, and in recent years has been awarded Gold at the prestigious British Cheese Awards. It has a delicious creamy sheep milk blue flavour with an earthy and savoury blue cheese bite. A good salt balance and maturity with age builds long palate flavours.
Key Characteristics:
- Milk Type: Sheep
- Cheese Style: Blue
- Affinage: Less than 6 months
- Geographical Region: Ireland, South Tipperary (East of Cashel)
- Eating Recommendations: Great in warm and cold salads, pizza, pasta, soups and tarts. A favourite is steak with melted Cashel or Crozier on top.
Note: Crozier Sheep Milk Blue is a random weight product and therefore, the weight and the amount will only be available once the goods are shipped.
2016 Coup de Coeur endash Crozier Blue (Salon du Fromage)
2016 1-Star Gold endash Crozier Blue (Great Taste Awards)
2015 Super Gold endash Crozier Blue (Mondial du Fromage, France)

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