Pastry, Kirkfood, Butter Puff, Frozen, 4 mm, 5kg

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4 MILLIMETRE THICK READY ROLLED PUFF PASTRY............ Our Puff is genuinely hand-made using high quality flour and 100% Corman butter for the fat component. The Corman butter is hand folded into the base dough; the dough is then chilled and rested between turns. Once baked it separates into delicate layers of mouth watering buttery pastry. A good butter puff should rise without a greasy residue - the use of a fine, technical butter in exactly the right proportions guarantees a nice delicate, dry rise. Using ordinary butter has its setbacks. There are seasonal variations in ordinary butter which will be reflected in finished product.

Available frozen and ready rolled. We only use Corman professional butter in the process to give a memorable mouth feel and consistent flavour year in year out. Our premium ready rolled pastry saves chefs on labour and costs without compromising on quality.

Specifications... Thickness: 4mm Width: 500mm approx. Length: 1850mm approx. Yield: 10cm square or circle 75 to 80 portions 12sm spuare or circle 55 to 60 portions Save left over off cuts, ball up, then refrigerate for 30 mins before rolling back out.

Ingredients: Flour, Corman Butter at 82% fat, Bakers Flour, water, salt.
This products contains wheat. Please also note that this product is manufactured in an environment that may have been exposed to nuts and eggs.

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