Blue, Royal Blue, Stilton, 2 kg

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Stilton takes it's name from the village of Stilton even though it was never made at Silton, it was sold there from the Bell Inn to coach travellers on the Great North Road. Nowdays Stilton is made in twelve dairies scattered around Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire and protected by denomination of origin PDO. It takes 136 pints milk (78 litres) to make one 17 lb (8kg) Stilton cheese. This velvety close-textured unpressed cheese with a smoth creamy white to pale ivory paste, grading to amber at the edges and marble with a network of greenish-blue veins. The rind is dry, crusty, greyish brown and slightly wrinkled with white powdery patches. At about 16 weeks of age, by which time each cheese now weighs about 17 lbs (8kgs), the cheese is ready to be sold. But before this happens every cheese must be graded using a cheese iron. The iron is used to bore into the cheese and extract a plug of cheese. By visual inspection and by smell the grader can determine whether the cheese is up to the mark and able to be sold as Stilton The flavour ranges from mild with a sharp edge when young, to a rich rounded mellow flavor when mature. Its meltable, full-rounded qualities enliven salads and hors d'oeuvres, soups and sauces, as well as meat, vegetable and fruit dishes. Stilton is generally eaten with a robust red or a sweet dessert wine or port one with a depth of flavour to balance one another. This product is a random weight product and therefore, the weight and the amount will only be available once the goods are shipped. A representative from Kirkfood will ring to confirm these totals prior to despatch.

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