Brie, kirkfood, 1 kg

[Stock Code: 1355]

A soft, white-mould cows milk cheese with a creamy paste. It has clean flavour. The delicate white mould should be soft and uniformly white, then will gradually break down and show brownish specks on the edge as the cheese matures. The cheese begins with a slightly firmer centre, what we call the "chalk line" and then ripens to a rich, creamy centre. The aroma should be full, with just a hint of fresh mushrooms. Soft, even-textured and creamy. Rind of thin, white mould, with red patched and lines. Eaten with a lively, fruity red wine. This product is a ramdom weight product, and therefore, the weight and the amount will only be available once the goods are shipped, A representive from Kirkfood will ring to confirm these totals prior to despatch. Fat Content: Minimum 45%

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