Boschetto al Tartuffo, Forteto Truffle Cheese, 600gm

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Boschetto al Tartufo has a fragrant flavour, typical, and defined as sweet with pronounced flavour of truffles made from a blend of cow and sheeps milk, a fresh pecorino style and the added harmony of truffles.

Il Forteto is renowned for their work in rejuvenating the profile of Pecorino Toscano over the last 28 years, and is recognised by the Slow Food Movement. We are particularly impressed with its founder, Stefano Sarti who is a truly unique man dedicated not only to producing outstanding quality cheese, but also to maintaining traditional aspects of Tuscan cuisine.

In addition to his Boschetto cheese he is also one of the small number of producers of Cacio di Fossa, the cheese buried in Tufa in the region of Emiglia-Romagna, Northeast Italy.

Ingredients: Cow's milk, ewe's milk, animal rennet, salt, cultures, truffles.

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